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She seemed to be a divine creature in a short smock. I felt everything would be fine, so I obeyed to her without demur. On hearing such a gorgeous girl say such things about me, I even felt proud of myself. She licked the wet dickhead, never stopping to fondle it with one hand and playing with my testicles with the other. The short haircut made her face be of perfect form.

-Doctor prescribed you the treatment that will make you healthy in no time, -she said. I think he was working for his thesis and used me as a rat for experiments. After washing the dickhead with her hand, she took me to the table and leaned me on it, taking off the upper part of my pajama. The nurse didn’t say a single word, she was smiling. Besides, you’re such a handsome man, and your toy is also great!

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She did flit in, her coming was so unexpected and cheerful that it made me be all smiles in response to her radiant smile. She pulled off her own clothes, leaving her thong on, and sat in my lap. Though I must confess, I’ve never tried anything like this. I started caressing her blonde hair, as if she were my daughter. I’d been in hospital for rather long time already, though the doctor said I was getting better every single day.


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