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Ride along and visit the Morvania, Varda, Hawala villages and get a chance to witness the farmers and the villagers busy with their daily life.

Enjoy a short refreshment at the Tiger lake while enjoying the natural beauty.

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Large populations have characterized the nation almost since its inception.

As early as 1680, the island was home to seventy thousand people.

Therefore, for the period from the evidences, Gujarat has been integral part of the Aryan territory, which was divided into three divisions known as Anarta, Saurashtra and Lata. Thus, the state now has 19 districts covering an area of 16,024 sq kms, according to 1981 census (Census Atlas), History Numerous references of the history of Gujarat reveal about the various facets of life and governance during he ancient period.As of July 8th, 2006, my website is ranked #2 most popular affiliate site in Clickbank's Love & Romance section.



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