Updating satellite orbit data

In the coming days, Via Sat-2 will start orbit raising with its chemical propulsion system, followed by solar array deployments, and will then switch over to its electric propulsion system to complete orbit raising over the coming months. :3 also i hope it can go into late may cause my bday is in early may so sometime in late may would be a WONDERFUL bday present for me : D i hope its in late may so i can keep up with yall :3 also cant wait for the new plans!!!

Via Sat expects it will take several months for Via Sat-2 to reach its final orbital destination, located at 69.9° west longitude. imma want more data caps like maybe 250gbs OR 350gbs or something like that ;3...


As such, the Minister is responsible for developing goals and national policies for spectrum resource use and ensuring effective management of the radio frequency spectrum resource.

Federal agencies are currently planning or executing major satellite acquisition programs to replace existing polar and geostationary satellite systems that are nearing the end of, or beyond, their expected life spans.



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