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and all the other titles that invariably pop up on 90s nostalgia pieces on Buzzfeed just went on and on? Most of them were acquired if not initially published by Poppy, a (currently sleepy) Hachette imprint dedicated to teen girl fiction. They’re only really just starting to form stronger bonds by the fourth book. The Writing Was Fabulous Like You Wouldn’t Even Believe.

Remember how you made it through puberty before the final titles of those books came out? Then around mid-2010, all of Poppy’s ongoing series just seemed to kind of…fizzle out. So the thing a lot of the Poppy books had in common was that…they weren’t always that well-written. Despite the satirical tone of the books, the four main girls were actually wonderfully likeable and relatable.

“Episode 801, the first episode of Season 8, is going to be the 100th episode,” he told the crowd, adding: “The first episode is, I think less about that we reached 100 episodes.

It's more about setting up the next 100.” to season 13 which corroborates creator Robert Kirkman's confirmation that he wants the show to last for at least twelve seasons.

He went into television in 1962 as an announcer and sidekick on "The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show," and stepped into the national spotlight once he joined "The Dating Game." He would go on to host more game shows, including "0,000 Name That Tune" and "The New Newlywed Game." After television, he moved back into radio as a DJ in Los Angeles and San Francisco before retiring in 2005.

TV may have made him nationally famous, but Lange's heart truly was in radio. Plus, you don't have to wear makeup and you don't have to shave." He is survived by his sister, five children, two stepchildren and four grandchildren.

While this is no confirmation of the show's future, it's almost impossible to think that AMC wouldn't let it run for as long as producers wanted considering its status as one of the most-watched TV shows across the globe.

Gimple went on to tease what fans can expect in the approaching season seven finale which apparently won't feature as brutal a cliffhanger as the one doled out at the end of season six.

Addressing a crowd assembled at the opening night of Paley Fest in Los Angeles, Gimple acknowledged the fact that the first episode of season eight will be the show's 100th episode.

Before she left to go on a supply run with Heath last season—a tidy way to temporarily write pregnant actress Alanna Masterson off the show—Tara told Denise she loved her.


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    The rumours were also denied by the representatives of the actress.

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    Elevating the sign was also last minute and I will be changing it.

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    -- Chris, Massachusetts My 12 year old daughter, Alexandra, has been diligently working with the Live OCD Free app for the past 3 months.

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    Cooper has been dating the supermodel for a year and a half, and they've been showing off major PDA all across the globe since, rarely taking their hands off each other when spotted in public.

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