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Kim's lawyer said, "The lawsuit was resolved to mutual satisfaction of both parties, but beyond that it’s the only statement we have," according to , Kimmy was also looking to bar Old Navy from ever using a doppelgänger model again.We don't know how that turned out, but is using Kim K all that great for a brand these days anyway? And besides, Kim is way too high fashion for Old Navy now."Kim Kardashian is immediately recognizable and known for her look and style. When her intellectual property rights are violated, she intends to enforce them." The sexy actress said the comparisons to Kim K started after the ad first aired. The ad has attracted more than 2 million views on You Tube.For those wondering why Kardashian waited so long to file the suit over the clone and if it is some sort of jab at her ex, the newly-engaged Kim K said," I worked hard to support the products I'm personally involved with and that I believe in." She just recently signed a deal with Sears. Drama.)At the time the suit was filed, it was expected that Kardashian's legal team would argue that the ads cause "confusion in the marketplace." Well, a year later and the whole thing has finally been resolved.A settlement was reached, but unfortunately we will never know how much money changed hands.

Our picks: The Tegu Original Set (now 0, originally 5) and Diesel Captix Shirt (now , originally ), above. But we're slowly peeling back this young witch's layers, as evidenced by her past with Jake and the fact that she's only slept with two guys. » - [email protected](Matt Richenthal) As the fallout from Kim Kardashian's divorce continues, Kim's pal Brittny Gastineau was at The Grove, where she told "Extra's" Mario Lopez that the marriage between Kim and Kris Humphries was "definitely not staged." video platform video management video solutions video player Gastineau, who caught the bouquet at Kim's August wedding, said Kim and Kris were "definitely in love." She added, "Of course it's harder when you have so many cameras and people. » Honey 2Stars: Katerina Graham, Randy Wayne, Seychelle Gabriel, Christopher Martinez, Melissa Moinaro | Written by Blayne Weaver, Alyson Fouse | Directed by Billie Woodruff How many dance movies are there going to be before its target audience yawns itself into a coma?

Last July Kim Kardashian's lawyers filed a suit against Old Navy for using a model in ads, named Melissa Molinaro, who looked an awful lot like Kimmy.


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    Anthony Weiner’s cellphone records subpoenaed in sexting probe “I will introduce the ‘Anthony Weiner Bill’ to close loopholes where adults can get away with creepy behavior,” said Hart.

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