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You know, our kids are gonna go out in the world not knowing anything that's goes on if they don't learn, The Sex is a little Problem but if u trust your kid they won't go in the rooms like that, The language is really bad but then again...site can you really get past the language I think this is a fine site and It's great for 12 year olds and ! If u don't think this is a good report u need 2 have a little fun :).Habbo Hotel is a dangerous virtual world that will destroy your child's mind and any sense of morals and values.While this is true of many online chat rooms and other chat sites, Habbo and, in particular, its many retro hotels (Fresh, Boon, Play Rise, etc.) is one of the largest online chatting sites for teenagers that allows them to create a virtual world and select avatars, create rooms, etc.The atmosphere is extremely unhealthy and negative.In 2014 the game-center got discontinued en has been removed. Some others got it working again, but the code has been removed from the Habbo SWFs these days, and many people still like the game or liked it very much. So what I am going to do is making a public server, making a API for the game and hotel-owners can let their users connect to The Fastfood Game! Yeah, I think it is the best for a game like this, to make the game public but source closed.I will keep the game up-to-date and make new features inside the game. The server may be not perfect right now, there is a lot to do, but it works very well right now : D Some gamplay for what is done now: Yesterdag () I started to make it possible to drop the food.The reason I will keep it by myself is so there are not many different versions of the game around the retro world, just one version with a big amount of players (I hope so? Hotels can create a API-key, so they can give their users access to the Fast Food server. JS, I liked to learn it, so this would be a great experiment! Today () I made it working to save the food with the parashutes.Create a API key: The hotel owner will get a Private Key and must register to get a key to The Fastfood Game. It is fast and javascript, so it wasn't dificult to try it out! Look at some gameplay: https://gyazo.com/c56c8790b24fd25aa19c62b1b080d11a A gif (with not many frames, I suggest you click the link above for more frames) The calculations of positions, widths and heights are not been calculated per frame.



The API will generate a session for the user and will return a URL to where you can redirect them, something like this: https://thefastfoodgame.com/play/e35...1dd7416b65649f This link does work only once, so users cannot access someone else his/hers account :) What has been build already? Give your reaction about it - Halloween theme (let the hotel choose the theme of Fast Food) - Christmas theme - Easter theme - Custom logo for hotels - More food available. Is the game window adjustable to fit different screen resolutions? - Are you using any specific rendering techniques to optimize performance?

I'm Dutch, my English is not optimal, I tried as hard as I could to make it understoodable :) Some background information: A time ago I started to re-create the Fastfood game from Habbo!

You all know Fastfood as a game in the Habbo Gamecenter. It is pretty much above the 50% of beeing finished! I do not have a hotel at the moment (and I don't want it too), but many hotels want to have the Fast Food game inside their hotel.

We only need these details: - Hotel name - Hotel URL - Hotel language (Dutch, English, Frensh, German...): The game will be shown in that language for that particuar user/hotel! There are around the 2.410 javascript lines for the canvas (included white-space and comments). They are calculated once: when opening or re-sizing the game-window. Greets, Mike This looks really good, although i'm not a fan of forcing hotel owners to use your game server.

- Hotel country (The COM, NL, DE, FR, etc.) boards will be used Create a user: 1. Give some details about the user: - Username - Unique user ID (maybe just your user ID) 3. So there is room enough for other calculations like falling-food and things like that! Here's some questions for you to get some activity in the thread. Create a business, buy an island or become a cheerleader - this game is all about living your dreams.



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