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Any official document that supports your contention is great support evidence.

Evidence can take the form of a fix taken with a GPS set using WAAS, depths corrected to the charted vertical datum, physical measurements, photographs, drawings, marked up chartlets, and printouts from the Internet.

Oh, and if there’s something you think is particularly useful that you think I should list, comment below!

FCC License View, part of the agency's spectrum inventory, is a single portal for information on the management of licenses.

he following is a list of online tools, most of which are free, that we found enhance our ability to get critical messages out and keep us connected to the public we serve.

Often we find ourselves limited by budgets or staff, but these tools help you navigate around those obstacles. So take a look and play with them – what could it hurt?

FCC License View – a key part of the Agency's spectrum inventory – captures spectrum licensing information from multiple FCC databases and includes licenses that are active or inactive because they have been cancelled or expired.


No matter how well you design your site navigation elements, visitors will need other ways to find what they're looking for.The FCC License View is also not an endorsement by the FCC of any particular service, technology, product, or service provider, and the FCC makes no representations or warranties about the provision of service on the data included in this database.



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