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Both Wade and Jimmy Butler called out the youngsters on the roster during a tough stretch in January last season, saying, "you got to care enough, man.

It's got to mean that much to you to want to win," which reportedly did not sit well at all with the younger guys.

NO ONE UNDERSTANDS the most infamous friendship in American sports like Gabrielle Union.

The Hollywood actress did more, for instance, than merely marry Dwyane Wade in Miami on Aug. Union choreographed a multisegment handshake with Wade that featured Le Bron James' signature stomp celebration -- and performed it, perfectly, atop the altar. But being one with Wade isn't the same as being best friends with James.


The boys played a huge part in their dad asking Union to be his wife as they can be seen holding up signs that read: "Nickie / Will You / Marry Us? "All that's left is for you to be there, so," they added before Wade's kids reprise their role in the video by holding up similiar signs urging their invitees to "Save the Date." "I was completely surprised," Union told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on "Live with Kelly and Michael" in January about Wade popping the question.

Gabrielle Union and her husband-to-be Dwyane Wade sent out a heartwarming "Save the Date" video for their upcoming nuptials.



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