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However, dating app Badoo has made a slight loophole to how you can date a celebrity right now (kind of.) OK, not really, but the online dating site now has a setting that allows you to find any celebrity’s lookalike using a face recognition technology – and who are we to argue with science?

Now, it’s time to just scrub up on those first date dos and don’ts.

“In my opinion, it’s more about finding someone with similar attributes as opposed to finding an exact lookalike.” Entourage and paparazzi, step aside. Yes, you can now connect with their 2.0 version (that, well, isn’t quite them).


Badoo, a dating app that currently has more than 350 million users, just launched a technology (appropriately) called Badoo Lookalikes.Imagine meeting your very own Craig David on Monday, grabbing a drink on Tuesday, and .



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