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Its name devises from the Ojibwa term “aazhawa,” which means “the crossing place.” As of the 2011 Census, there were about 149,000 people living in Oshawa, representing nearly an 8 percent growth since 2006.The population density is about 394 people per square kilometre.

I am also a good reader and I love classic rock (we all have contradictions).

Residents welcome a fairly chilly climate with temperatures reaching negative 5 degrees Celsius in the winter and 23 degrees in the summertime. This is now a National Historic Site of Canada and famous filming spot for a number of movies including “Billy Madison,” “Chicago” and “X-Men.” Designed by world-famous architect Arthur Erickson, the Robert Mc Laughlin Gallery - or RMG, as locals call it - is the largest public gallery in Durham Region, housing more than 4,000 works of art, four galleries, a library and two art education studios.


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