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In this article I present a summary of my lecture of guide preparing to pass this examination.SCJP () examination is one of the most recognizable certified examination offered by SUN.You need to translate this from HEX to DEC for openhab.(2B = 43) items: // // Main // // Power Switch onkyo Power "Power" // Sleep Number onkyo Sleep "Sleep Timer [%d Min]" // Mute Switch onkyo Mute "Mute" // Volume Dimmer onkyo Volume "Volume [%d]" //Source Number onkyo Source "Source" //Video Modes Number onkyo Video Wide "Video Wide Mode" Number onkyo Video Picture "Video Picture Mode" //Audio Mode Number onkyo Listen Mode "Listen Mode" Switch onkyo Audyssey Dyn EQ "Audysses Dynamic EQ" Number onkyo Audyssey Dyn Vol "Audysses Dynamic Volume" //Information String onkyo Audio "Audio [%s]" String onkyo Video "Video [%s]" // Display Number onkyo Display Mode "Display Mode" Number onkyo Dimmer Level "Display Dimmer Level" // // Zone 2 // // Power Switch onkyo Z2Power "Power" // Mute Switch onkyo Z2Mute "Mute" // Volume Dimmer onkyo Z2Volume "Volume [%d]" //Source Number onkyo Z2Source "Source" // // Zone 3 // // Power Switch onkyo Z3Power "Power" // Mute Switch onkyo Z3Mute "Mute" // Volume Dimmer onkyo Z3Volume "Volume [%d]" //Source Number onkyo Z3Source "Source" // // NET/USB // // Controls Switch onkyo NETPlay "Play" Switch onkyo NETPause "Pause" Switch onkyo NETStop "Stop" Switch onkyo NETTrack Up "Track Up" Switch onkyo NETTrack Down "Track Down" Switch onkyo NETFF "Fast Forward" Switch onkyo NETREW "Rewind" Number onkyo NETService "Service" Number onkyo NETList "Select List Item" // Information String onkyo NETArtist "Artist [%s]" String onkyo NETAlbum "Album [%s]" String onkyo NETTitle "Title [%s]" String onkyo NETTrack "Track [%s]" String onkyo NETTime "Time [%s]" String onkyo NETPlay Status "Play Status [%s]" When using open HAB, it may be desirable to be able to control your A/V receiver without being able to see the video output of the receiver.It’s not only a prerequisition to pass other SUN Java examinations but also a proof of Java knowledge on intermediate level.It’s very valuable attribute recognizable all around the world, especially for people who want to develop Java applications.Be aware that open HAB uses decimal numbers but ISCP uses hex.


Also a popup telling that the licence was not found but the program can be executed.With this pattern, the reflective methods like e Get still call your generated method like get X() and then that calls the dymamic reflective method like e Dynamic Get.



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