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Usually machine written messages betray their mechanical origins by using words such as [email protected], Val|i|um and _V|@GRa.

Occasionally though a message will arrive that eschews the usual tricks and fools you into opening it with a clever or enticing subject line.

Boxer Amir Khan, Coronation Street star Shayne Ward, rugby hunk Ben Cohen and Olympics hero Louis Smith have all been taken in.

Reality TV hunks Sam Callahan, Kirk Norcross and Calum Best were also targeted.

The housemate walked out of a conversation on the topic of porn with Ashleigh because: ‘they’re just talking about f***ing d***s and it’s p***ing me off…I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my whole life’.


The machine would be judged intelligent if it could trick a human into thinking they were swapping text with another person.Turing thought that a machine could beat the Turing test by 2000. Mixed messages Today we communicate with lots of machines via typed messages and lots of us have been fooled. It may be an irritant gradually eroding the usefulness of e-mail but it is also a huge project to get computers creating convincingly human messages.


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