It's a fast, reliable, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. Database Connection Pool The connection pool can enhance server performance.

123 Flash Chat is a shareware, it offers a free edition for 10 concurrent users to start with, and then 50 to unlimited users license to purchase. With thousands of concurrent users online, increasing the pool size ensures the stability of the connecting database and handles high load and busy traffic.

This lesson will help students realize that in order to give clear instructions, they need a common language.

Students will practice controlling one another using a simple combination of hand gestures.

It seems the site its Facebook page and twitter page are also not being updated.

Also, the live chat is no longer manned I have tried at many different times and, if you fill out the live chat form, it just takes you to a form to fill out your email address.

Add a popup fullscreen chat room link in your top menu: 1) Appearance - Chat Settings. 99% of the time, they never understand what you want or care and simply ask for full admin access to your server.

About the “Chat Server Mode”, by default, it’s “Chat Server Host By 123 Flash Chat For Free”, it’s for testing the basic functions. If you run a tight ship, be prepared to give that up because they will want full access to your server and will never tell you what they fixed.


This is a great time to review the last lesson that you went through with your class.

and if they are indeed intent on closing down 123 Flash Chat eventually?

however, me and lots of other 123 Flash Chat Users are left wondering what has happened to the support?

The hack codes in the old module has been updated to plugins which will facilitate users to integrate the module significantly.

123 Flash Chat Introduction 123 Flash Chat creates live chat room for the high-load chat events, social network, dating site, online conference, etc., or live support platform for e-business to offer online call center. Firewall penetration 123 Flash Chat can be used with a firewall providing the specific port is opened on the firewall.This site is now read-only following the release of My BB 1.8 and the new mods site.



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