Row cannot be located for updating access 2016

Perhaps it is checking each value from what it originally was before attempting to update?

I could not get around this nor did I find a solution with a thorough search, I set the value of the field back to 'pending' and then tried again - it worked so I believe it is an ODBC or My SQL behavior.

how can i update any field value through VBA code in ms access. some of the fields in relevant tables are updated as i enter the data. whereas in other combobox i did same but got no result where iam making mistakes.

in one combobox i used me.refresh command and its updating data as i enter.

If you want Microsoft Access 2016 in your enterprise, you have to opt for the full Office 365 E3 subscription (Figure A).

Figure A I find the decision to leave Microsoft Access 2016 out of so many Office 365 subscriptions to be curious and more than a little bit perplexing.

For example ensuring that workers can access only those data rows that are pertinent to their department, or restricting a customer's data access to only the data relevant to their company.

The access restriction logic is located in the database tier rather than away from the data in another application tier.

The database system applies the access restrictions every time that data access is attempted from any tier.

I've run into the same thing, and it seems like the data is being held in cache (or something) and it won't update it because the column values have changed.

Example: if you are changing a field to 'updated' when it was 'pending' - it will work the first time but then if you try to change it to 'updated' when it's already been changed by your first attempt, it fails and tells you the row isn't the same as before.Microsoft believes we are living in a mobile first, cloud first world, which sounds good, I guess, but what does that really mean in a practical business setting?


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