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”-Thanks to your suggestion, this app will offer various Emoticons. , Mi Talk, Insta Message, Message Me, Nimbuzz, twitter, Vine, Snap Chat, google hangout, Instagram, Skout, between, pinterest, imo, IM , Kakao Story, Beejive, text Plus, GO SMS, Grindr, Mobli, Chat On, QQ , ??

– various animals emoticons (angry chicken, mafia pig, cup cake dog, giraffe, lion, monkey, gorilla, raccoon, mole, panda, dinosour, penguin, pirate fish, box cat, cheeky chick, octopus)– many sports woman & man emoticons (ping-pong, marathon, boxing, soccer, archery, volleyball, baseball, weightlifting, basketball, gymnastics, fencing)– series emoticons (psy Gangnam Style dancing girl & gentleman, comic face, gangster like a kawai girl, cute guy looks like steve jobs, mummy couple, mom sing the baby a lullaby, hamster like a mickey mouse, cinderella, the ugly snow white princess, character in fairy tale, patient & doctor, running guy, funny ugly girl looks like flower, amazon dawn man, ham sausage, congratulation birthday girl, thumb princess, yokel, hairband & hair-style girl,happy birthday & valentine emoticon)? – new emoticons etc…(zombie & dragon animation emoji, diet girlemoji, various weather emoji, famous movie star photo emoji, comicmusic dance emoji, popular game character emoji, cooking mom emoji, piano girl emoji, pet emoji, robot emoji like iron man, spider girl emoji like spider man, makeup & makeover woman emoji, crazy papa emoji, character emoji in subway, many characters emoji based on fruit, warrior emoji in war, apple-head emoji, bird friends emoji, coffee-color hair asian emoji, cute dog like snoopy, restaurant server emoji, cute kids emoji, dentist emoji, guitar-shape emoji, soccer player emoji like Lionel Messi)? Whats App, Viber, Voxer, Kik, Facebook, Skype, LINE, Kakao Talk, Google , We Chat, Yahoo! -This app requires 3G/4G/WIFI connection to reduce the size of application-This app is a third-party app for We Chat user.-Mobilenet corp.

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