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First up is a wonderfully graphic Vera (Neumann, not Bradley) scarf, c.1958-59, (cost: 25 cents, value: -12.00).

A number of marks were used over the years, including the one shown here, sometimes in combination with a copyright symbol and/or a ladybug.

The History of Vera What would one day become the vast Vera empire began humbly in the years immediately following the Second World War: In the New York City apartment the designer shared with her husband and business partner, George Neumann, Vera, who had studied art and design at New York City's Cooper Union, transformed her kitchen table into a workstation where she silk-screened botanical motifs onto linen place mats.

Werner Hamm, hand-delivered these early creations to the Fifth Avenue department store B.

Do you want to know the date of your Vintage Vera tea towel, scarf, towel, or tablecloth?

Building on my infatuation with Vintage Vera Neumann textiles, I was recently trawling through The Vera Company blog and discovered an excellent post that shows all the Vera marks starting in 1958. (Does not include any tips on my #1 favorite method: Dinner and a movie.

"I showed them to the buyer," Hamm recalled in 1972, during a presentation for "Vera: The Renaissance Woman," an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, DC.

In fact, he liked them so much the order almost floored us.



Link for dating vintage Vera scarves Link to different ways to wear vintage scarve "Casual Corner Creative Scarf Tying" All the listed vintage scarves have been hand picked for their uniqueness and condition and all have been professionally cleaned.

Stitch a collection of vintage scarves together patchwork style to make a vibrant, eclectic pair of curtains. They don't even have to share the same color scheme or pattern type.


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