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Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines and “Agents of S. Natalie and Adrian, who wed in 2000, have two children together, Jackson Slade, 16, and Beckett Finn, who turns 13 this month. Her rep told TMZ the split is a private matter, and the couple will not comment.THERE will be an extensive range of food and drink be available for purchase at the Festival Site.The award-winning Boatshed restaurant will return to CMC Rocks in 2017 with more seating, exclusive cocktails and a brand-new tapas area.

You’ll find exclusive, up-to-date information on top models from New York or Moscow to Tokyo, who is the sexiest, most attractive, or most well-known girl and why not dating beautiful women...Nowadays, the title has transformed into one of 'tenderness' or 'affection.' However, this uncertainty lives on as women still continue to fight and wonder how to use the term correctly and inoffensively.For instance, 'gal' and 'girl' between women can be perceived as offensive, implying that the other party is incompetent or more childish that the other.Australia's biggest international country and roots festival held at Willowbank will be headlined by the Dixie Chicks, Adam Harvey, Brothers 3 and Caitlyn Shadbolt.

The three day festival begins next Friday and we've spoken with CMC veterans to compile a list of everything you need to know before putting on those dancing boots.

Nonetheless, 'lady' or 'ma'am' can be just as insulting as well, insinuating older age and possibly undesired authority or seriousness.



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