Ryo nishikido and erika sawajiri dating

'1 Litre of Tears' is a Japanese movie mainly based on a published version of the Diary, "1 Litre no Namida" (Ichi Rittoru no Namida) written by a girl called 'Aya Kito' (Kito Aya, July 19,...

See full summary » Shuji (Kamenashi Kazuya) is one of the most popular guys in school. See full summary » Makino Tsukushi, coming from a humble family of reduced income, feels out place at Eitoku Gakuen, a school largely attended by the progeny of the most rich and powerful people of the ...

She drops things too much, she falls on her face, she spaces out during basketball games and loses her depth perception.

By the time we meet Aya (played by Sawajiri Erika) and her adorable, wholesome family, her body is already acting up a bit.

She helps out in her dad’s tofu shop, makes peace between her rebellious younger sister, Ako, and the parents, and helps look after her younger two siblings.

Aya is supposed to be a typical 1st year high school student with good grades, two BFFs, and a senpai-love interest.

See full summary » Kurosaki, aka Kurosagi (Yamashita Tomohisa), is a swindler who cheats other professional con artists to help their victims and avenge the death of his own family. See full summary » Gokusen is the story of recently graduated Kumiko Yamaguchi, aka.

Je te prends deux/trois stars du moment (Erika Sawajiri et Ryo Nishikido), je te saupoudre ça du tampon « tiré d’une histoire vraie » et l’affaire est dans le sac.

Le drama a cartonné et continue de figurer haut dans les classements du cœur (les meilleurs, c’est bien connu).

He tries to avoid Akira (Tomohisa Yamashita), because of his constant annoyance. See full summary » Trusting, gullible Nao suddenly finds herself participating in the mysterious Liar Game, a game where the players are issued large sums of money which they then have to cheat each other out...


See full summary » Mizuki disguises herself as a boy and transfers to the same all-boys high school her idol, Izumi Sano, a high-jump athlete that gave up on the sport, attends.Il obtint le surnom "Ryo-chan" cause de sa petite taille et de son look enfantin pendant sa priode junior et le conserve aujourd'hui encore.



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