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After hearing oral arguments this afternoon about the constitutionality of Alabama's law prohibiting school employees from having sex with students, Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson said he has "a lot of reading to do." Thompson said he needs to study written arguments that previously were submitted before he rules on whether the law is unconstitutional.

The question of constitutionality is being raised by defense attorneys for a former Decatur High School teacher and an ex-aid who worked at Falkville High School. Carrie Witt, 43, taught history, psychology and social studies and coached girls' golf and junior varsity cheer at Decatur High.

Our sources say the two aren't official or anything ...

but they've been on a few dates and he's brought her to the stadium -- even bringing her on the field and into the dugout.

The Ethics in Public Service Act allows certain state employees to keep gifts with an aggregate value of fifty dollars from a single source in a calendar year or a single gift from multiple sources with a value of fifty dollars.

However, if you have been deemed a “Section 4” employee, this gift rule does NOT apply to you.

Cody Bellinger's hot streak continues -- and here's the proof.

But according to a 2010 Alabama law, consent is not a defense.If no, then you would not be considered a Section 4 employee.


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