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The track is produced by Rob Holladay and Yung Berg himself and features label mate Casha. All my dogs say, "Make money money make money money money." (Make money money make money money money.) All my ladies say, "Take money money take money money money." (Take money money take money money money.") Yung Berg: Shawty I love the way you shake it, cuz you drop it and break it. Look What You Made Me would chart at #20 on the Billboard 200 and at #2 on the Top Rap Albums chart.



alright) [Yung Berg] See I ain't never met a girl That's getting down like you (Never met a girl like you baby) And I ain't never met a girl That put it down like you (You know you make it do what it do baby) Say thug in yo life - that's what you need shawty Anything you want, it's guaranteed for my boo boo boo boo boo (Yea yea yea) And I ain't tryin' to go hard for what I need shawty I'm tryin to tell you exactly what I need from you you you you you Cause you know I wanna [Hook: Casha] (Yung Berg) A freak in the morning, a freak in the evening Just call me up and I'll be there when you need me When ever you want me you can come and see me Cause you know just what to do You give me the business, give me the business Give me the business, you give me the business Shawty give me the business - if you know exactly what I wanna do (You wanna do) Then I'm a give the business to you - oh-oh-ohhhwhoooa Oh-oh-ohhhwhoooa - I'm a give the business to you (Can I give you the business shawty? ) Oh-oh-ohhhwhoooa (From the show to the after party) Oh-oh-ohhhwhoooa - baby I'm a give the business to you [Yung Berg] Ay, that business baby cause I really wanna drive you crazy Wanna kiss, wanna rub, wanna lick, wanna touch, wanna put it inside you baby Wanna climb on top of you, and give it to you for a hour or two until you cum I wanna hit it from the back; oh stroke, stroke for a minute or two because ya so tight Booty hung right, got her tongue right, ride with me to the sunlight We can have a little Sex in the City baby - you can be Carrie , I'mma be Mr.

Baby I wanted to make ya, so tell ya friends we can head to the mall.


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