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Remember members of the charity receive a 50% discount on fees, meaning you can enjoy all this – and ALL the membership benefits for the next 12 months. Download the booking form now, we cannot wait to see you there! If you have local employment, training or volunteering opportunities come along to one of our events where you will meet like-minded young people who want to join your workforce.There is no fee to access our youth group, and we reimburse travel for at least £7 per person at every session.At the youth groups you can: Youth Group for Under 16 Year Olds in London COLOURS - London group for trans, gender variant and questioning young people of colour Youth Group for Under 21 Year Olds in Leeds Youth Group for Under 21 Year Olds in Bristol Youth Group in Hertfordshire for 13-19 Year Olds Youth Group for 16-20 Year Olds in London NEW FROM JAN 2017: Youth Group for 18-30 Year Olds in London Saturday Sessions Want to come along?

Please note we do not accept CVs and that applications must be completed by midnight on the day of closing.And, what's more, they work In March 1920 an advertisement appeared in a German Catholic newspaper that would change the history of the Catholic Church.It read: “Middle ranking civil servant, single, Catholic, 43-years-old, immaculate past, from the countryside, is seeking a good Catholic pure girl, who can cook well, and who can do all housework, who is also capable of sewing and a good homemaker in order to marry at the soonest opportunity.” It was through the Altöttinger Liebfrauen Messenger newspaper that Joseph Ratzinger met Maria Peintner.We are delighted to confirm that our London Conference / AGM takes place on Saturday 24th June 2017!

Starting at 10.00am, all members of the Dyspraxia Foundation are invited to attend our AGM.If you're not able to attend any of the events above, or there isn't Get Hired running in your area, please get in touch so we can talk through some alternative options with you.


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