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Here’s what Michele’s manager blasted over the weekend in response to the cancellation: Of course, that Instagram blast was quickly deleted. Further complicating the ‘delete’ by Ellison was a re-tweet by Chrisette herself.



Payne completed schooling from Five Town College located in Dix Hills.

I didn’t even know what the play was going to be about I just agreed to do it based on who he is and how I felt about his spirit and work ethic. Clifton: It’s fabulous, funny and poignant and I’m happy to be on board!

There was major up roar once it was confirmed that Chrisette Michele would sing at the White House for the now President Donald J. Well after doing a little recap yesterday, she posted a message from her fiance to Spike Lee…

I heard about his reputation, and the many plays and success he’s had.

And I haven’t been on the road doing a play- its a different type of run for me, much different from TV by how you connect to your audience in a different way.

Director Spike Lee has revealed he was considering using a song by Grammy winner Chrisette Michele in an upcoming project but has decided not to following her decision to perform at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.


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