Is ashanti and nelly still dating of fish dating

Ashanti and Nelly Back Together Former Fashion amp Style.

Though Jackson wasn't wearing a ring in either picture, she captioned one post with "Reserved Forever! In another pic, Jackson appears to be holding her hand (out of frame), and captioned it with "What's Next Baby!!!! " Click through our gallery to learn more about Nelly's girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, and to check out some of her best pics.

even though they used to hit the clubs together ....

but says Floyd once tried to bang his ex-girlfriend behind his back. Mayweather feels betrayed by his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson for moving on and dating Nelly ...

Things got messy on Instagram when Nelly engaged in a public dispute with a former associate over Ashanti and Miss Jackson. And I'm sure Nelly having a new girlfriend has a lot to do with why there will be no reunion. Well, Nelly and Ashanti took some time apart but are allegedly back together.

Rapper NELLY is still dating singer ASHANTI despite recent rumours of a split. The couple were spotted party hopping together this past Super Bowl weekend and on another occasion two weeks ago.

Ashanti talks about her split from rapper Nelly on The. Nelly reportedly dumps Ashanti for a lesbian Sandra Rose.


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