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This groovy Middle Eastern restaurant is devastatingly good value - the mansaf lamb comes with a huge serving of rice and salad paired with falling-off-the-bone lamb shanks.If you're with a group couple this feast with the mixed kebab plate and you’ll be full to the brim.People from all west africa has come to partecipate to the main event: the fishing contest in the waters of the river Mata Fada, using nets and traditional gourds made with calabashes a sort of punpkin dried and hollowed.The fisherman who take the biggest fish wins a prize of 7000 dollars, a huge amount of money for nigerian people The evolution of the festival at Argungu seems to go hand with the socio economic development of the Kabawa (people of Kebbi) generally.It’s aimed at developing participants’ practical knowledge of good conduct in the community communication and job frameworks.It also seeks to strengthen aspects of individuals’ noble behavior that reflect the sound taste in behavior, attire and communication as well as in their reaction to various everyday situations.Date: From 4 to 6 September 2016 Session on the art of crisis management A specialized course that enables participants to predict potential crises in the institutions and the work environment, thus taking effective decisions and setting appropriate planning to successfully deal, manage and provide possible solutions to the crisis when it occurs Date: From 30 to 31 October 2016 Public Diplomacy Course A specialized course available for applicants interested in understanding how to address the public in targeted countries.It is particularly useful to students of International Relations, Media and Public Relations and to persons with relevant jobs.

This property is also rated for the best value in Al Hada!Since the 16th century (Kanta’s days), the festival as we know it today has become more elaborate and stylish.At the same time it has, since the jihad period, been getting progressively enriched with the fielding of more events for the general entertainment of the attending public.Al Khaleej Restaurant Tucked away in Docklands, Al Khaleej is the kind of place that budding foodies dream of finding.

Join the families and the groups of businessmen lunching inside and let the staff give you the rundown on the short but perfectly balanced menu.

NMCHealthcare, the largest private healthcare provider in the UAE, is exploring expansion possibilities in Saudi Arabia, including further acquisitions, to tap demand for speciality services such as maternity care, fertility treatment and long-term health Ahmedabad: The Customs officials today seized three kg of gold worth around Rs 82 lakh at the Ahmedabad airport from a passenger who had arrived from Sharjah.


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