Who is gilbert arenas dating now

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In an Instagram post, the 35-year-old former professional basketball player shared an i Phone notes statement of his intellectual findings.

Between 20 their relationship included incidents like Gilbert cheating on Laura with multiple groupies (more of that to come in a later post), Laura and Gilbert breaking up numerous times, Gilbert cutting off communication with Laura because she did not clean his father's car and Gilbert leaving Laura because their home was too messy. Laura was pregnant with their first child during this time (a baby girl) and Gilbert questioned the paternity of the child because allegedly Laura was "seeing" NBA player Chris Webber while she was pregnant with Gilbert's baby.

In 2006, Laura and Gilbert then had two children together, a girl and a boy.



While it appeared that Govan was ready to make amends just three months ago, sharing the below post via Instagram.

In the alarming emails, which surfaced last fall, Govan accused the former NBA star of stepping out on her with family members, as well as giving her multiple STDs, resulting in her ending their relationship.

The “Basketball Wives” alum took it one step further, when she claimed Arenas arranged to have her former co-star Draya Michele attacked.

If Laura complies, Gilbert will help Laura move and put down the first and last month and security deposit on a new home.


Gilbert has also asked Laura to return the Escalade he pays for and use her child support payments to get her own.

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