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I've tried clearing the data, uninstalling, even switching phones. If not, are there other suggestions for twitter clients?I am working with Twitter APIv1.1 and currently I am trying to implement a box which will display my latest tweets.Install Twitter Auto-refresh Opera offers Reload Every Firefox extension features by default, right click on twitter page, select page to reload after specified minutes or seconds.


Despite its compact design, Twitter Gadget packs more features into a smaller amount of space than any other web-client available.

Easy Auto Refresh: Install the extension, after signing into Twitter, click on the extension icon, set the time in seconds to refresh, click ‘Start’. Page Refresh: After installing this, click on the icon at the end of the toolbar and the set time interval.

Note: If you found the timer distracting for the above extensions, hide their buttons.

It means that you won’t have to click on the Timeline bar each time.


The auto refresh option will refresh the Twitter page after a specific time for new posts so that they appear automatically.

Reload Every extension for Firefox allows to reload any page after specified interval of minutes or seconds.


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