Outlook inbox not updating

Cached mode caches operations and "batches" them to the server. I have had the affected users, disable cached mode, and re-enable cached mode, unfortunately the issue persists. An email received in OWA is not showing up until an hour later in the users outlook client.

Which leads me to believe the outlook client is not updating the mailbox, and not receiving emails timely.

Now if I log in using webmail, I can see all of the emails Outlook and the Connector didn't download.

These new emails can sit for hours as well (and seemingly up to 24 hours).

And, I'd never know about them unless I log into webmail.

By default, Outlook checks for new messages every 30 minutes. Open an internet browser and go to to access your messages using the Outlook Web App or OWA interface. OWA is directly connected to your LSUMail server and the messages you see are in real time. It has a downloaded copy of your e-mails and synchronizes its view of messages with the mail server at specified intervals. Incoming Mail Server (IMAP): outlook.office365Port: 993 Encryption Method: SSL Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): outlook.office365Port: 587 Encryption Method: TLS Generate Server Settings (OWA): GROK is a resource of Louisiana State University developed and maintained with support of the LSU Student Technology Fee.

If you’re using Outlook 2007, the body of digitally signed and encrypted email message are never indexed. You set the Outlook indexing options, and then you check the search scope.

This is not the case, however, for Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and Outlook 2010.

If you search for items in Outlook and don't receive the results that you expect, the indexing of your Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office system data files (the search catalog) may not be complete.

Symptoms of an incomplete index include the following: In simple terms, it’s a catalog that’s built from terms found in email messages.Any ideas how I can find out what is being downloaded that is so large?



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