Child updatepanel updating parent

If you were to look at the rendered source of the page after clicking the button, it will confirm that in fact a post-back has not occurred - the original label text is still part of the source markup, and the label has changed through Java Script.

Visual Studio 2008 does not appear to come with a pre-defined template for an ASP. However, such a template was available within Visual Studio 2005 if the Visual Studio 2005 and ASP. Consequently, configuring a web site and starting with the AJAX-Enabled Web Site template will likely be even easier, as the template should include a fully-configured web.config file (supporting all of the ASP.

The reason being, the parent updates all the child update panels nested within.

This is a very good article but I do have one problem that it didn't address, although you may be able to.

NET AJAX Extensions, including Web Services access and JSON serialization - Java Script Object Notation) and includes an Update Panel and Content Template within the main Web Forms page by default.



However, the parent Update Panel IS updated on every click of the button, and the child update panel only fires afterward (as a result of the parent updatepanel's update.) Using exactly pschorf's pasted code (one updatepanel contained in another updatepanel), its possible to not fire the parent updatepanel when the child is fired?

But my issue is when the 10 seconds hits and the timer event is fired this updateprogress is shown (in effect causing my entire page to basically load).

I would think that this would not happen given the updatemode is condition and children as triggers is false.

What I am trying to accomplish is to sort of lazy load some gridview data due to its size.

So what I simply did is wrap the gridview inside an update panel.) tables to clearly indicate the label outside the Update Panels, the parent update panel contents and the child update panel contents.


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