Renee zellweger dating dan abrams dating jan lincoln

Zellweger, who by many accounts is like the nicest and most down-to-earthest of Hollywood stars, is another catch for the hood-lidded Abrams, who previously dated superdupermodel Elle Mac Pherson. Renee Zellweger and her boyfriend, MSNBC legal correspondent Dan Abrams, shop for wine together New York City on Sunday (February 8). Renee has been single for roughly three years following her 4-month-marriage to country star Kenny Chesney.Dan once dated the German actress, Elisabeth Rohm, and English actress Jaime Murray. After that, Dan started dating the Oscar-winning actress Renee Kathleen Zellweger.Like, his past two affairs, Dan and Renee’s relationship did not last.


Zellweger’s latest film New in Town opens January 30.He sends us testy e-mails, but still shakes our hand when we see him out.


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