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She described Harrington driving her to buy heroin and asking to watch her make the purchase, and giving her Xanax and wearing a gun in an ankle holster during sex.But the same woman later told a defense investigator she lied about Harrington assaulting her, and videotaping her without consent, only because she felt angry toward him after the detective told her Harrington had posted the video on the internet. There is no evidence Harrington made the video public.Ethan Chandler, 43, was arrested and released twice last year after allegedly arranging a sexual encounter with an undercover investigator posing as a child. child predator may have more victims A state grand jury indicted him on charges of luring, sexual assault of a minor and criminal sexual contact.The accusations against Chandler, who ran a youth sports video production company called Primetime Sports, LLC, so concerned law enforcement authorities that they convened a press conference in December, saying they believed he may have more victims and encouraging anyone with information to come forward. Chandler pleaded not guilty to the charges in January.The Holy Synod, the Church’s ruling body, met on Thursday and Friday to discuss the matter.After the two day discussion, the bishop, who claims he is innocent, decided to resign “for the peace and the good of the Church”, the Romanian church leadership said in a statement.A ROMANIAN ORTHODOX Church bishop has resigned after a video was released, according to local media, of him having sex with a 17-year-old student from his seminary.


Circuit Judge Jeffrey Wagner also ordered Harrington to spend six years on the state's sex offender registry.The affair comes a few weeks after a previous scandal rocked Romania’s Orthodox Church.


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