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Single and ready to mingle Katy Perry enjoyed the company of bachelor Ryan Phillippe at Elton John's 70th birthday party over the weekend, it has been claimed.The two were 'totally flirting' at the celebrity-strewn Saturday night knees-up, which was held in Los Angeles, a source told Hollywood Life.'She was totally giggling and at one point he had his hand on her knee.(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Though Paulina, 24, reportedly has a "great relationship with Reese," the insider revealed the law student is worried "her presence would overshadow the big day.” Ryan and Paulina's engagement was previously confirmed after Paulina — who began dating the actor in 2011 — was spotted donning a diamond ring during a lunch outing in Miami in late December 2015.Hearing news about Alexis Knapp dating Seth Macfarlane may invite a Déjà vu occurrence for many fans.Turns out funnyman Seth Mac Farlane and Ryan Phillippe have an ex in common.Alexis Knapp -- who gave birth last year to daughter Kailani with ex-boyfriend Phillippe -- was quietly hooking up with the ," the source explained of the first-time filmmaker."[Reese] still holds a special place in Ryan’s life as the mother to his children,” a source told , 12.“He not only considers her a friend, but also part of the family." Ryan and Paulina in December 2014.

It was meant to benefit not only the Elton John AIDS Foundation, but also the Hammer Museum, where part of the evening's revelry took place.

It seems Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon are quite the amicable exes!

According to a new report, Ryan, 41, has invited his ex-wife, Reese, 39, to his upcoming wedding to Paulina Slagter — and his fiancée is NOT pleased the actress may be a part of their special day.

Alexis and Ryan are connected by their daughter, a two-year-old gift from the heavens named Kai. Hollywood's freshest couple — are connected by, well, whatever happens in the privacy of their bedroom is business. After sneaking away with Ashley after a night at the club, Ryan was caught with another lovely lady in his car. Maybe these two were just having a parental dinner meeting? Well, we do hope he at least checked in with the We're going to riddle you this one!


Either way, we just learned the former Oscars host and the 24-year-old beauty recently became intimately involved!!! So, Ryan Philllippe's ex Alexis Knapp got knocked up with a baby.[ That's good…because if it turns out the baby isn't his, she won't get any!



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