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According to Maimonides whoever doesn't believe in these thirteen principles of faith, he is not considered a Torah observing Jew.All sects throughout Orthodox Judaism believe that the thirteen principles of faith are the central beliefs of Judaism.


The thirteen principles of faith were condensed by the great scholar Rabbi Moses Maimonides, an orthodox Torah giant from the twelfth century.

There's no blessing over sex, but every time I go to the mikvah I think about all the Hebrew blessings: the one for the first time you see the ocean, the one for overcoming danger, the blessing for a major purchase (a house, a car, an Armani suit).


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    FALLING IN-LOVE Falling in-love feels accidental (“falling” for each other) because it usually is.

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    Changes to EPA accepted labeling will only be required in accordance with standard agency procedures.

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    Around 85% of calls are from people at risk of suicide themselves.

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    Then listen to other Red Hot callers live on the line.

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    Prom season is in full swing, and high school students across the country have been spending the last few months absorbed with the latest trend to hit the hallways: “promposals,” a word used to refer to extravagant (and often public) prom asks.

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    But wandering the estate Lady Chatterley is shocked at the thrill she feels seeing the semi-naked body of the game-keeper Parkin, (JEAN-LOUIS COULIC'CH). The gamekeeper's speech at the end did not quite ring true, but otherwise, the movie was incredible. i think margaret missed the true dynamics of this sensual movie. i have seen it a few and for me it gets better and better. what a great actor.i wish he were in a few more movies. I would've hated to pay more than the for this one.

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