Error updating public folder with busy information 2016

In this solution, we will reset the navigation pane settings in Outlook. If there is only one profile, then it will be selected by default. If it works in Safe Mode, then the is likely to be a conflicting or corrupt add-in.

Disable all add-ins and then open Outlook to confirm, if it works then enable add-in one by one until you get to the one which stops Outlook. Outlook stores data in data files, these files can be corrupted.

To disable add-ins, click File - Go Uncheck all the items in Add-Ins available list and click OK. If it still won’t work then Hold the Windows Key and Press R. Luckily, Outlook provides a tool called scanpst to scan and repair these files.

see steps here: scanpst This method is applicable to exchange users only.

Secondly, make sure that the file has not been moved from it’s original location. If it still wont open after resetting the navigation pane, or if it gives an error, close/exit out of any error pop-ups and rename the file to old. Now open Outlook to see if it works or not, if it still won’t work, then proceed with the Method 2.

Add-in’s can also interrupt Outlook from accessing the data file. If the issue is with your computer or a laptop/notebook you should try using the Reimage Plus Software which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files.

It does not support setting server-side rules to move or manage messages and contacts or to act on calendar events.

That means that all rules created in Outlook 2011 will be applied only when Outlook 2011 is running.

If you do, then try the other Method’s listed below. You can download Reimage Plus by Hold Windows key and press R. You will be asked which profile to use when logging in.The quarantine manager is no longer used for Exchange mailboxes, and any spam messages that are sent to users are delivered to the junk/spam folder.The domain quarantine still receives spam messages for other Exchange addresses (contacts, distribution lists, public folders, and resources).Outlook prompts you for password after the computer wakes up after sleep With Outlook open, use Finder to select the Applications folder, then the MSOffice folder, then holding the Control key down select the Outlook "O" icon, and select Get Info from the list.

Within the Get Info screen presented, check the Prevent Nap App box.This article provides instructions for upgrading your current Exchange environment to Exchange 2016 using a self-service upgrade tool.


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