Dating vintage benrus watches

However, being so pleased, I felt it proper to recommend you to my friends, who are now receiving blind copies of this letter.Thank you, Alex Hi Sudarson, Received the watch yesterday, and it works fine! You have done very nice work making them function and replacing the crystals!Watch pictures, diagrams, unusual images, watch info, stories and more.Click below link to take the tour now, or first check out What's New? This is probably the most common question watch collectors have.Sometimes it is easy to answer, and sometimes it is impossible.


Great looking watch on factory rubber braclet and signed clasp.The watch was close to a hundred years old and belonged to my father.It had been neglected, the crystal was broken and the face and hands were a disaster.It was at that time that three young brothers saw an opportunity to begin a wristwatch company that produced moderately priced watches for the common-man; BENRUS. He was an attorney, and he was in charge of the advertising and finances for the company.

The next oldest was Benjamin Lazrus where the company name was derived. Ralph was a salesman at heart and so handled the sales aspect of the business.

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