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This name combines 愛 (ai, ito.shii, o.shimu, kana.shii, mana, me.deru) meaning "affection, love" or 藍 (ran, ai) meaning "indigo" with 華 or 花 (ka, ke, hana) which both mean "flower," 香 (kyou, kou, ka, kao.ri, meaning "incense, perfume, smell", 加 (ka, kuwa.eru, kuwa.waru) meaning "add, include, join", 歌 (ka, uta, uta.u) meaning "sing, song, poem" or 嘉 (ka, yoi, yomi.suru) meaning "applaud, esteem, praise."From Japanese 愛 (ai) meaning "love, affection" or 藍 (ai) meaning "indigo" combined with 空 (ku) meaning "sky", 久 (ku) meaning "long time" or 来 (ku) meaning "to come". From Japanese 愛 (ai) meaning "love, affection", 逢 (ai) meaning "meeting, tryst, date, rendezvous", 彩 (ai) meaning "colour", 曖 (ai) meaning "dark, not clear", 亜, 亞 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 以 (i) meaning "by means of, because, in view of, compared with", 衣 (i) meaning "garment, clothes, dressing" or 好 (i) meaning "fond, pleasing, like some" combined with 夢 (mu) meaning "dream"...Global Economic Prospects examines trends for the world economy and how they affect developing countries.Works with most PHP/My SQL forums and portals, or as a stand-alone chatroom.Can be used in a live-support configuration, as a registered users only chat, or as a free-for-all chat.Note that depending on the Japanese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. From Japanese 唖 (a) meaning "mute, dumb", 阿 (a) meaning "mountain", 于 (aa) meaning "Bon festival; Feast of Lanterns", 嗟 (aa) meaning "Ah! [more]From Japanese 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 彩 (a) meaning "colour", 明 (a) meaning "bright, light", 杏 (a) meaning "apricot", 空 (a) meaning "sky", 絢 (a) meaning "brilliant fabric design, kimono design" or 阿 (a) meaning "flatter, fawn upon, corner, nook, recess", 歩 (a) meaning "walk" combined with 愛 (ai) meaning "love, affection", 衣 (i) meaning "garment, clothes, dressing" or 藍 (ai) meaning "indigo"...[more]From Japanese 亜 (a) meaning "second, Asia", 々 used to duplicate 亜 combined with 人 (to) meaning "person", 斗 (to), which refers to a Chinese constellation or 都 (to) meaning "metropolis, capital, all, everything"...The characters can be in either order or the same character can be duplicated, as indicated by the symbol 々.



Contents Japan is an island nation situated off the eastern seaboard of the Eurasian continent in the northern hemisphere.

Here you can query, map, compare, chart and summarize key climate-related information.


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