Accommodating lenses


This technology is known as a non-accommodating “monofocal” IOL.With the latest advances, having clear vision at only one distance is no longer the only option.Presbyopic IOL technology can not only correct impaired distance vision, but also maintain the eye’s focusing power for reading and computer work.Not every patient is a good candidate for the presbyopic intraocular lenses.When viewing distant objects, the internal muscles of the eye remain in a relaxed state and maintain the lens in a position to provide perfect distance vision.As the internal muscles of the eye contract during periods of reading, the visual portion of the lens is moved forward shifting ones’ focus to the near tasks.When it relaxes, it allows the lens to reshape and focus on intermediate objects.Crystalens is known as a 'Premium Intraocular Lens' and is particularly suited to those over the age of 40 who have presbyopia.


This activity has been planned and produced in accordance with the ACCME Essential Areas and Policies.

Because the lenses are new to the market, because the technology of the lenses differs and makes choosing the correct lens for the patient critical, and because these lenses offer surgical challenges that differ from standard IOLs, ophthalmic surgeons must be well-educated on the capabilities of these lenses and the important issues of surgical technique. Slade discusses the evolution of this technology, surgical technique, patient selection issues, and clinical results. To describe the various technologies used in developing the three accommodating IOLs.2.

To understand the pre- and postoperative issues in terms of patient selection, surgical goals and follow-up care that are peculiar to accommodating IOLs.3.

Target Audience: Ophthalmologists Statement of Need: Accommodating intraocular lenses are the newest technology available to offer a surgical option to treat presbyopia.

Though they achieve the goal by different means, their purpose is to restore to patients the ability to accommodate at near, intermediate and distance vision.This lens is termed an accommodating lens because it changes its position with the action of the eye muscles to give sharp vision at different distance ranges, much like the eye's natural lens would.


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