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Marriage is a lifetime commitment and just flying off to another country, thinking you met the girl of your dreams online and whisking her off to the U. There is nothing wrong with marrying an Ecuadorian and taking her back to your homeland but you haven’t even met the woman and not only that, but you don’t even know her or her family. We have also heard some horror stories about gringos marrying foreign women; one such story was from a man who took his Philippine bride back to the United States and after gaining a bit of u.s. and in your case, it looks like you don’t know her at all. In Ecuador many of the young ladies come from not so well off families and in some cases they actually SEEK to marry a man with money to help the family out. : in the unfortunate event of a break up, have you thought about the children?




i'm trying to find that someone special i 'm kind, loyal , funny, love to go to eat outdoors but i love to cook aswell , i have two kids but they are 17 and 18 a girl and a boy .. I AM VEGETARIAN , I DONT SMOKE, becouse i praactice YOGA... REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money.

You and you commentaries are just SHIT, our women are not indigenous, maybe in the andes area ,buit in not all Ecuador, we have a beauty women, as like you in NYC, I WENT THERE AND I THINK IS A SHIT city with full of lazies, AND JUNKIES I guess you do not to have to go by your self life writting shit of another countries.


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