Conversation starters when dating

If you could sit front row at a concert, what one would you go to? If you could sit front row at any sporting event, which team or event would you see?Look, getting to know someone can be intimidating, and even when both people are perfectly interesting and the chemistry is there, it's hard to know the right conversation topics to bring up with a stranger.So much of the advice from so-called dating “experts” encourages you to start off talking about politics or what you've done that day and other topics that are either huge hot buttons or totally boring.Striking up conversation with a perfect stranger while having not-so-secret hope that they end up being the love of your life is sometimes awkward.It's difficult to strike a balance of genuine conversation while still fishing for specific intel on how compatible you are, and it leaves a lot of us with a rolodex of obvious, cliché questions.And a general rule of thumb: If you're feeling bored with your own conversation, chances are your date is, too.


Sure, you might discover some similarities and learning a person's origin might explain a few things about his/her personality, but asking someone where they want to be in the future gives you insight into their hopes, dreams and passions.

Below are some hot tips and tweaks for your standard conversation topics to help you get to know one another better.

Here's a good rule to follow: If the answer to your question requires a noun, you likely aren't going to get too much info from a person.

It can be even more awkward to have the same conversations you’ve had on every single date you’ve ever been on.


Here are 20 suggestions for conversation starters that haven’t been done to death.

What animal, besides humans, do you think would make the best world leaders? If you could take a pill that made you never have a negative thought again, would you? (Anything from different glasses to a mariachi band to fog machines is acceptable.) 5.


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