Updating access data from foxpro

NET, this chapter offers information on the best practices for data access.

If theres one thing that a Visual Fox Pro developer is proud of, its VFPs data access capabilities.

One of the most exciting new features of Visual Fox Pro 8 is the Cursor Adapter class, which provides a common interface for working with data from many different sources.

Chuck takes you with him on an adventure in exploring how to use Cursor Adapter to change the way you relate to data in VFP 8, whether native tables, ODBC, OLE DB, or XML.

You can also create a new blank repository in case you need it.

Using Fox Pro to MS Access Converter you can perform the following conversion UPSERT and INSERT Synchronizes Foxpro and Access databases by updating a row if a matching row exist in the MS Access table.



Rather, to help you get up and running quickly, this chapter provides an overview of ADO. If you are already familiar with this information, I recommend you skip ahead to the Introducing ADO. A brief history of data access Unlike most other software development tools, Fox Pro is both a language and a databaseyou do not need any external technology to access native Fox Pro data.

To bring external data into Excel, you need access to the data.



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