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The album consists of 16 singles making it more than hour’s length.


Alicia released her debut album Songs in A Minor on June 5, 2001 by J Records.

She had appeared in Citibank Private Pass Credit Card commercial in 2012.



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    This led to some speculation that the two are an item. On her Twitter account she wrote: "Hearing a lot of crazy rumors but rest assured I am NOT dating Tim Tebow (or anyone else). xo, LV" Can you just imagine how insane the hype around Tebow would have been if he had been dating Vonn? The next thing you know people will be writing about people Tebow might possibly be dating. As Vonn told the Denver Post: "I pretty much know their whole family now. It's pretty awesome to be able to hang out with them — and to be able to witness the amazing things Tim and the Broncos can do." It's Tim Tebow's world, and we are just living in it.

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