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They account for three out of four newly-appointed chief standing counsels, 13 out of 25 additional chief standing counsels, 58 out of 103 standing counsels, 36 out of 66 brief holders (civil) and 42 out of 114 brief holders (criminal).

Members of the Other Backward Classes have been given short shrift.

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Besides 152 members from the Brahmin caste, the list also has an overwhelming presence of lawyers from other so-called upper castes.

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The move is also seen as an attempt by Adityanath – who is a Thakur by caste – to correct a perceptible tilt towards Thakurs in government appointments ever since he became chief minister early this year.

Brahmins dominate all the five categories of newly appointed law officers – chief standing counsels, additional chief standing counsels, standing counsels, brief holders (civil) and brief holders (criminal).

By Dhirendra K Jha Nearly half of the 312 law officers appointed by the Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh on July 7 belong to the Brahmin caste.


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