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Previous research indicates that anthropogenic firing empties the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) source traps of quartz grains within hearth rocks.Consequently, the quartz OSL signal should provide a means for determining the time elapsed since last firing of Saharan hearths.Mc Burney's Layer XXV, associated with Upper Palaeolithic Dabban blade industries, has a clear stratigraphic relationship with Campanian Ignimbrite tephra.Microlithic Oranian technologies developed following the climax of the Last Glacial Maximum and the more microlithic Capsian in the Younger Dryas.Our study demonstrates that OSL dating is a viable tool for determining the timing and pattern of Holocene occupation of the Sahara.► OSL ages for the firing of Saharan hearths are presented.The old Western maxim “Isn’t it every little girl’s dream to get married and have a big white wedding? Rather, it would bring an accusation of being politically incorrect.Libyan girls tend to spend lots of time fantasising about this big day when their handsome beau comes forward to whisk them off their feet - away from the innocence and simplicity they possess in their parents’ home.For the wedding, each girl is aware how it reflects on her style, taste and character and is a statement of her family’s wealth, position and status in the society.


NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla said in the statement.

During the interim production arrangement deal, the two parties will try to work out their dispute over the legal framework of the operations, NOC said.


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