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I have tried to explain this to V support and get a sensible answer but they get hooked up on the time-zone, which they have reset (although I think it was already set thus) at Europe/London; they have not explained how the time itself is set or how the V box gets the time. Also this: I am able to address the Vonage device (made by Grandstream) by entering its IP address in my browser.


If I set them manually, they are OK until I get an incoming call - at which point, something (I can only assume the Vonage box) resets them to 01-01-14 and an apparently random time.

I thought maybe it was something on my network causing this, I turned off all machines, and re imaged the gateway firewall. I tried cloning the mac address to pull a new IP address.

Again, as soon as the machine came up with a new IP address I started getting hammered again, Places like UK, Asia, South Africa, spoofed 10.x.x.x IP address'. Their answer was to send logs to [email protected], I called again and the CSS advised me that using their router would solve this.

When it comes to business process outsourcing, India is one of the top countries that comes to our mind with services almost each and every field of the business. India is moving broadly towards providing customer services with the help of BPO industry.

BPO industries works as an interface between the client and the company, works as a part of the company, creates a satisfaction between both ends.The problem seems to be with the way that the box interprets the time-zone and adjusts the phone accordingly (most modern DECT phones can be configured to have the date/time set by an outside agency).



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