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Zehn Jahre lang lud das Mono in der Neustadt zu gemeinsamen Bundesliga-Nachmittagen ein, Inhaber Marc Allendorf zahlte dafür zuletzt mehr als 700 Euro monatlich.

Alle Bundesliga-Spiele live und in Farbe – das kostet ab der neuen Saison extra.

And those reasons for not using them get stronger every year as people become more and more internet savvy.


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    Cornellians may not know every word of the alma mater's six verses, but they certainly know the tune, thanks to the 21 bells in Mc Graw Tower, which sits with Uris Library at the top of Libe Slope.

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    One in every ten American adults has used an online dating site or a mobile dating app.

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    While the number of people with kids isn’t the highest on this list, it sure is towards the top.

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