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NET came onto the scene, so I gave it a shot just for fun. Click Dim dec_grade As Decimal Dim str_input Grade As String = "" Dim int_counter As Integer = 1 Accept Grades.Private Sub Accept Grades_Click( By Val sender As System. Enabled = False Do str_input Grade = Input Box("Enter grade number " & int_counter. is there any special option i should set on my calendar control properties ? Why don't all validation controls fire on the first submission and why is there some sort of queue it appears i... Net 2.0, I am unable to use any properties/functions(even the public ones) of the user control's User control's from another user control. Are you making this ...getting today's date to appear on the web calendar control try as I have i cannot get the today's date displayed at the bottom of my web calendar control. This time, some of the rest of the validation controls fire (again, not all yet).This tutorial covers Validating User Input with C# covers Overview of ASP.


Adding Cancel capability to the error boxes adds a lot of code and even more complexity. The Cancel button in the Input Box returns a "zero length string". Text = "5 grades entered" & vb New Line & "No more input allowed" End If End If input Grade.

NET, you could very well use the concept of Data triggers in WPF.


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