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If auto Commit is not enabled, the data source needs to be updated upon operations that rebind the grid such as paging, sorting or filtering.

Change detection in the grid is managed through the data Dirty event which allows you to control when to commit data to the data source.

Grids display data in a tabular format of rows and columns. In its simple form, a grid may be a single column with a few rows.

At its most complex form, it may have multiple columns divided into multiple tabs that contain many selectable items in each grid row, in addition to multiple grid actions available to the user.

One request comes with new row and other request comes with all the rows(but without newly created item) that I set dirty flag.

This section of the documentation is regarding using the grid's API to update data.

Commits updates to the current cell and places the next editable cell into edit mode.



So I would like to make it for example if the grid has 5 rows and if I choose to to edit row #2, all 5 rows data would be sent to the server after I hit update. Then it sends all the grid data to the server, but then "Cancel" button in popup mode works incorrectly (you can read more about the issue: The thing is if I create new row, it is sent to the server on different request. Connection String = "User ID=pooja; Password=temp1234; Data Source=abtst1" Dim name As Text Box = Direct Cast(Data Grid1.


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