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This week I want to share some of what I’ve learned about gender roles, dating and marriage here in Germany.

“Every message you see or hear will have some impact on you, however small” (Martin).Then I branched out a bit and started to immerse myself more in the writings and teaching of other writers and began to realize that my world view was actually astonishingly narrow.It just took me longer to understand the big picture.Despite legal equality, in practice women were not equal. Before, a woman was expected to be dependent on her father, her husband, and finally on her eldest son. Now, should could be the head of the household (Sato, 1987). Women are entitled to not much beyond motherhood; men are not entitled to much beyond work (Bae, 2010).


Women were still expected to protect the household. Part of the slow pace of change simply has to do with time. Women’s happiness is found only in marriage, according to tradition. It was not uncommon for women to be socially outcast if she failed to marry by 27. It is becoming more acceptable for both men and women to marry later in life.As far as gender roles are concerned, Germany is very similar to America.


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