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After working on 24 versions of Big Brother throughout the world, Anuska Ban would be forgiven for thinking that the 25th would not be particularly taxing.But in the reality TV show's latest incarnation, which had its first eviction last night, Big Brother has gone where it has never gone before: Bahrain, a Muslim country.She successfully represented two other Bahraini women seeking sex change operations in 20.Having been an expat destination for centuries, Bahrain is a true melting pot with expats outnumbering the locals!Bahrain is also the only country in the region that allows alcohol.


"The medical examiner does not choose if the two women will undergo a sex change operation, he only examines them and records their medical situation." Janahi is believed to be the only Arab lawyer specialising in sex change legal cases.

Beyond the communal kitchen and sitting room - decorated with oriental touches - there are separate living rooms where men and women can be apart from each other. Security cameras in the bathrooms, dance marathons, and being chained together for days on end have all been dropped.

The compromises are designed to ensure as wide an audience as possible.

Prostitution in Bahrain is illegal but has gained a reputation in the Middle East as major destination for sex tourism.

It has been nicknamed the Brothel of the Persian Gulf.

The procedure would be carried out abroad but the women had to receive permission from Bahraini authorities in order to be legally recognised as men when they returned. Their lawyer Fawzia Janahi told GDN the women suffered from gender identity disorder and believed they were "trapped in the wrong body".


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