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___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Got Internet? Nowadays it’s easy to do so, the internet has made it possible to watch Live TV online from all over the world.


In 1995, the station transmission was moved from the Astra 1B Satellite to the then new Astra 1D.They said: "Following changes to the Freeview TV Guide on Wednesday, 2 August, some channels have moved to new numbers.This update makes room for new services in the future and has increased the distance between children's and adult content to further minimise risks around inappropriate viewing.The information slates will be removed on the 16th August." Retuning devices will resolve any numbering issues and enable viewers to access new channels.


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Viewers are advised to retune to ensure they have the latest channel line-up in their area if they haven't already done so. Note: To minimise any potential disruption for viewers, some channel providers chose to align their planned changes with Channel Update Day.


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