Avoid dating on pof dating for lonly people

3 Dating Sites to Avoid That are Crawling with Narcissists […] You forgot Linked In as the new dating site!!! You are right about Linked In, it is definitely become a NARC site, being that an ex whom is an extreme serial relationship and marriage narcissist was always pushing his and trying to get everyone elses’ info. in fact I would keep a low profile and just browse other people’s profiles and try to see who might not be a narc…People often tell me that I am very attractive, well this horrible man told me that I’m so physically flawed no other man in the world could want me.– Video game addiction.


If they had, 99% of them would never have contacted me.It looks as if Steve* is hoping to meet a very special sort of lady on Plenty of Fish, and his demands when talking about what his future partner should be like are nothing short of predominant within his online dating profile.



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